27 jun. 2012

Conceived By Hate El Salvador Death/Thrash Skull Crush Brigade Since 2002!!! Biografía 2002 - After working 6 years in late 2002 Jorge Montesino decided to put on hold his Thrash Metal band DISORDER to look new members for a new project in the Thrash/Death metal vein originally called SPIRITUAL DEMISE but then changed to CONCEIVED BY HATE. 2003 - The band finally had a stable line up and immediately began with live shows. 2005 - “Lost in the Gardens of Hate”, a 4 track demo released independently (200 copies). 2008 - The band formed his own Recording Studio called ES METAL STUDIO to record and produce the music. Recordings for their coming EP began. 2009 - First EP called “Witness of Decay” was released as an independent effort (500 copies), also a video for the song “Witness of Decay” was to support this release. Recordings are going on for their coming debut LP schedule to be released in October of this same year also as an independent effort. Central American tour is planned for later this year. 2010 - The band began the recordings for the full lenght at their studio (ES METAL STUDIO). 2012 - First Full Lenght called "Pestilence Reborn" is released. Ya estan a la venta las camisas de la banda en Manga Larga y Manga 3/4 en 20 Dolares, el Demo "Witness Of Decay" esta en 6 Dolares, la produccion de larga duracion "Pestilence Reborn" esta a la venta en 10 Dolares, contacto con Javier Rivas al Cel 74181835 Visita: http://www.myspace.com/cbhofficial http://www.facebook.com/conceivedbyhate Contactos para adquirir su disco con: http://www.facebook.com/javier.rivas.3133 http://www.facebook.com/pages/El-Salvador-Inmortal/144987482227417

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